We've made these as simple and easy to remember as possible. Please read them thoroughly before applying.

Rule #1 | Respect your fellow players.

This is simple. Don't be an asshole. This is NOT an anarchy server. No stealing or griefing of any form. Simply don't touch anything that isn't yours. This also means that even though PVP is enabled, players (towns and nations included) are required to get consent from other players beforehand in order to engage.

Towny is the recommended way to claim land and avoid misunderstandings, but even if a player chooses to not use Towny and just play vanilla, this rule still applies. Respect people's builds and consult them before building close by. When looking to build within a city, consult the city's mayor for that city's rules.

Your ability to follow this rule early on will determine whether you advance to the next rank or whether you get kicked from the server.

Rule #2 | Don't lag the server.

You are free to experiment with all types of machines (fishers, farms, grinders, etc) as long as they do not create issues. Performance hits will be examined and any machines that create issues will be disabled. Whenever possible, make sure your machines can be turned on and off. Entity count will be observed throughout the server to ensure performance is never affected. In general, you should keep your entity count below 300 within your immediate area to avoid issues. If you have questions or require assistance, please reach out to the staff.

Rule #3 | No hacks or exploits are allowed.

No hacks or glitch abuses of any kind. Period. You will be banned without appeal. This includes but is not limited to X-ray, block/item duplication, fly-hacking, bug exploits and breaking through the bedrock in any dimension.

Some guidelines to keep in mind


While not a requirement, you are encouraged to respect the natural generation of the world map. Do your best to build with the terrain, not transform it in unnatural ways. Massive terraforming projects within 5000 blocks of spawn should be consulted with the admin. This radius is meant to protect natural resources near spawn for future development. This does not mean you cannot settle but you must develop the area with care. This is all obviously open to much interpretation, so if you have doubts, please ask.

The Nether & Nether Transportation

The Nether is a public space and as such cannot be properly claimed. If a user has claims in the overworld, they have priority over their corresponding Nether coordinates. However, some of the Nether is reserved for a nether highway infrastructure masterplan we call The Nether Express that is meant to quickly and efficiently connect distant settlements. The Express is an evenly spaced grid at every 250 blocks intervals (0, 250, 500, 750, 1000, etc.) and will exist between levels Y55 to Y75. It is being planned by the server admins but we invite you to provide feedback and you are welcome to assist in building as long as you follow the exact build parameters. All other areas of the Nether are fair game for you to place your builds, portals or personal tunnels and you may connect to the Express as you wish. However, if your tunnel connection interrupts the highway in any way it may be adjusted.

Endgame Playstyle

If you are a well established (wealthy) player, please allow newer players to enjoy the aspects of the game that are rare and not easily accessible to them near spawn because they are late to the party. This includes but is not limited to: finding Elytra, exploring Desert, Jungle, and Water Temples, gathering Sponges, raiding Ship Wrecks, etc.


We take care in fomenting a good-spirited, fun environment for everyone. While none of the guidelines are hard rules, there is an expectation of you to follow them as best you can. Remember that all these rules are subject to change at any moment's notice and admins have final say in all matters. Please pay attention to our e-mail Newsletters and in-game announcements to be aware of rule changes!