Rules & Guidelines

3 Simple Rules

At Ravenkraft, you are welcome to build on your own or collaborate with friends within a relaxed, survival, PVE-focused environment. We've done our best to detail the culture of our server in the rules below. Please read through them before applying to be whitelisted.

Rule #1 | Be a good neighbor.

This is the cardinal rule. Respect your fellow players, their areas and their builds. We are here to relax and have fun, handle yourself accordingly.

  • Simply put, do not steal or destroy things that aren't yours.

  • Do not harass, provoke, troll or otherwise grief fellow players.

  • Players are required to respect each other's claims and ask before settling nearby. Claim land for your home settlement using Towny to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Within the spawn radius, population density is encouraged. Players can expect neighbors within render distance. Outside the spawn radius, all players have an implicit claim to the surrounding area within 200 blocks from their home settlement, including any structures and villages. See the Player Guidelines for further context.

Rule #2 | Build responsibly.

Do not lag the server. You are free to experiment with all types of machines and builds as long as they do not create performance issues.

  • Performance hits will be examined and any machines that create issues may be disabled. Whenever possible, make sure your machines can be turned on and off.

  • Entity count will be observed throughout the server to ensure performance is never affected. Please keep your entity count below 300 within your immediate area to avoid issues.

Rule #3 | No hacks. No exploits.

Ravenkraft has always been a semi-vanilla server. We have made some quality-of-life tweaks and consider even the smallest changes to the core game heavily before implementing them. Regardless, no hacks or glitch abuses of any kind are permitted.

  • This includes but is not limited to X-ray, block/item duplication, fly-hacking, and bug exploits.

  • If you can't determine if something is considered an exploit, it probably is. Ask a staff member.

Are you ready to join Ravenkraft?

Rules are subject to change. The admin has final say in all matters. Please pay attention to Discord announcements to be aware of changes. If you have questions or require assistance, please reach out to the staff.

If you understand these rules and agree to follow them, you may apply below.

Player Guidelines

We take care in fomenting a good-spirited, fun environment for everyone. While most of the guidelines below are not hard rules, there is an expectation of you to follow them as best you can.


The world is yours to explore and there is no world border. However...

  • If possible, avoid traveling too far (further than 16,000 blocks from spawn) as it can cause significant strain on the server's resources.

  • Please use unclaimed villages with care so that other players may benefit from them in their journeys.


Players are expected to consider their surroundings to inform their scale and style.

  • If you want to build outlandish things (namely anything that is wildly out of scale), consider building beyond a 5000 block radius from spawn.

  • One of the largest group efforts on the server is geared towards creating a fully functional overworld railway system that connects all major settlements. If you're interested in participating, coordinate with the staff to get your station properly connected.


You are encouraged to respect the natural generation of the world map.

  • Do your best to build with the terrain, not transform it in unnatural ways.

  • Massive terraforming projects within 5000 blocks of spawn should be consulted with the admin. This radius is meant to protect natural resources near spawn for future development. This does not mean you cannot settle but you must develop the area with care.

  • WorldEdit will only be used to import builds from previous worlds or to make very specific accommodations that the staff deems necessary. Requests to move large builds or natural formations will be denied.

  • Pixel art maps must be built in The End only.

  • This is all obviously open to much interpretation, so if you have doubts, please ask.

The Spawn Radius (Ravenport Metropolitan Area)

The Spawn Radius is a collaborative, metropolitan build area marked with a large white circle on the Dynmap.

  • Land within the spawn radius (everything within a radius of 2000 blocks from spawn) is available for all players to settle. You cannot claim vast swaths of land within it, especially if it is not your home settlement.

  • Players can expect to get neighbors well within render distance.

  • Players seeking to build within 600 blocks of Ravenwood will need to request a plot from the staff.

The Nether

The Nether is a public space and as such cannot be properly claimed by players.

  • Parts of the Nether are reserved for a nether highway infrastructure masterplan we call The Nether Express that is meant to quickly and efficiently connect distant settlements. It consists of an evenly spaced grid at every 500 block interval (0, 500, 1000, etc.) on the X and Z axes between levels Y50 to Y80.

  • You are welcome to assist in building Nether Express infrastructure as long as you follow exact build parameters. On a future update for this website, these parameters will be explained in detail. Please ask for help when attempting to connect to the express to ensure you are doing it correctly.

  • All other areas of the Nether are fair game for you to place your builds, portals or personal tunnels. Please coordinate with the staff to get your tunnels properly connected to the Nether Express. If your tunnel is connected in a way that interrupts the design of the Express, it may need to be adjusted.

  • If a player has claims in the overworld, they have priority over their corresponding Nether coordinates.

Rare Items, Structures and Biomes

Please allow newer players to enjoy the aspects of the game that are rare and not easily accessible to them near spawn because they are late to the party.

  • This includes but is not limited to: finding Elytra, exploring Desert, Jungle, and Water Temples, gathering Sponges, raiding Ship Wrecks, etc.

  • Rare areas of the map may be regenerated at the staff's discretion. For example, The End is regularly trimmed to allow for new players to explore and raid with ease. If you are finding it exceptionally difficult to find rare structures, please notify the staff.

  • Every update presents an opportunity for new world generation. We take care in making sure all builds are preserved, but we regularly trim the world to allow for new blocks and biomes to generate close to spawn. We make multiple announcements before trimming the world and we have regular backups, however, to avoid problems, make sure your builds are properly claimed for your town.

Event Nights

We do our best to regularly host events, usually on Saturday nights.

  • Pay attention to Discord announcements to know when our next events are held.

  • If an event has not been announced yet for the upcoming weekend, you are encouraged to host your own. Reach out to the staff to organize your event and announce it on the Discord.

  • Our Survival server is our main meeting place, but sometimes we play minigames in our Sandbox server or revisit the old worlds in our Archology server. Let us know if you have a good idea for an event that requires a modded or RPG-style world. We will do our best to help you set it up.

Are you ready to join Ravenkraft?

Rules are subject to change. The admin has final say in all matters. Please pay attention to Discord announcements to be aware of changes. If you have questions or require assistance, please reach out to the staff.

If you understand these rules and agree to follow them, you may apply below.