Ravenkraft is a niche community of city builders and transit junkies who love survival Minecraft.

For the past 11 years, we have hosted a casual, friendly, PVE-focused environment for our players. Notable plugins we use are GriefPrevention for claims and TrainCarts for connected minecarts and an upgraded train-like experience. We've also implemented several quality-of-life datapacks like Mob Heads, Fast Leaf Decay, and Armor Statues.

Build on your own or with friends! Some of our players enjoy the hermit life, but many of us like to build great cities and train networks together. You can also find player shops and marketplaces for most in-game items.

We do our best to regularly host events, usually on Saturday nights. On special occasions, we play minigames or revisit the old worlds.

Discord is Ravenkraft's core social platform. From there, server information, the link to the Dynmap, player guides, support, announcements, and weekly events are available.

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